eCommerce Website - Pro Plan

eCommerce Website - Pro Plan

Ready-to-use eCommerce website with intelligent marketing tools & enhanced features.

$ 39.00 /month

$ 39.00

Main features for Pro plan:

√ Ready-to-use Website    

√ Product management   

√ CSV Import/Export    

√ Price Options     

√ Order Management     

√ Shopping Cart & Payment

√ Shipping Methods      

√ Referral System  

√ Intelligent Marketing Tools       

√ Membership Levels    

√ Multiple Language Support  

√ Blog    

√ Multiple Themes

√ Coupon System    

√ Credit System


Ready-to-use website

The website is ready made, only several steps you will have a powerful and well-designed website, no programming required. Whole website is fully managable by logging in backend, it saves time and cost so that you can focus on business.

Product management

Comprehensive product management allows managing product contents, images, attributes, options, quantity levels, user comment and review, etc. Batch product import and different price options are supported.  


CSV Product Import/Export

Batch product import from an excel file to the store, or export store products to an excel file. This utility is very helpful especially there are lots of products. 

Price Options

Capable to set marketing price, price options, quantity discounts, and price for product attributes and options. 

Order Management

Detailed order and payment history, monitoring the whole purchase process from order, payment to shipping. 


Shopping Cart & Payment

Seamless shopping cart supports different payment methods including Paypal, Stripe, Credit cards and bank transfer, etc.

Shipping Methods

Define different shipping methods, can set flat rate or shipping rate is caculated according to product weight and destination. The shipping fee will be displayed and charged during checkout. Can set free shipping for orders over a certain amount. 


Referral System

One level referral system allowing website members to earn commission by promoting merchandise, admin can configure referral commission.

Intelligent Marketing Tools

Publish content to social media platforms and increase exposure and traffic automatically. 

Membership Levels

Create different member groups, define price levels for merchandise and different access levels. 


Multiple Language Suppoort

Add multiple languages to approach audience all over the world.


Create additional content related to your products in your website, which is helpful for increasing exposure and traffic.

Multiple Themes

Multiple themes to choose, switch website templates at any time.

Coupon System

Admin can create different coupons for promotion, coupons can be used during customer checkout.


Credit System

Use credits to run marketing or rebate campaigns.

- Domain & SSL

- 20 email accounts

- 5GB storage

- 50GB bandwidth

- Piority technical support

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