Online Store

Ready-to-use online store. Only steps it will be set up, no programming required. The website is fully managable with administrator login backend.

$ 39.00 $ 29.00 /month

$ 299 $ 199

$ 39 $ 29

$ 29.00

√ Instant Website    √ Own Domain    √ Well-designed Themes    √ Product Import/Export    √ Membership System    √ Different Price Levels    √ Shopping Cart    √ Credit System    √ Paypal    √ Social Media    √ Blog

Instant Website

The website is ready-to-use. Only several steps you will have a powerful and well-designed website, no programming required. Whole website is fully managable by login backend, it saves time and cost so that you can focus on business.

Own Domain

You will have your own domain name with the website. A domain is important for establishing your business and brand online. It also make your customers remember and find you easier. The domain name can be registered with us or if you have already a domain just set the name server to our server. 

Multiple Themes

There are multiple themes integrated in the website you can choose. These templates are well-designed which make your website look professional, just by a click you can switch to different themes. You can also have us customize a web template by paying an affordable fee.

Product Import/Export

Adding, editing and maintaining products one by one could be time consuming when there are lots of products. With the import/export utility you can easily import products from an excel file to website, or export products from website to an excel file.

Membership System

You can set different memberships,  corresponding discounts, access levels and benefits, etc. With the memebership system you can develop global sales network, run dropship program or others. It is very helpful for customer relation and marketing campaigns.

Price Levels

Different price levels can be set for different types of members. Public or member price will be displayed and applied correspondingly.

Shopping Cart

A powerful shopping cart is integrated in the online store. Shopping, price, checkout, payment, orders, all are handled by the shopping cart and order system automactically and seamlessly. All transactions will be recorded for further actions.

Payment Methods

Currently Paypal is supported. Your customers can pay you by Paypal or credit cards(via Paypal). When someone places order he will be redirected to Paypal website for the payment, afterward back to your website. The order and transaction will be saved for reference. More payment methods will be supported soon.


The online store comes with a blog, which allows you and your members to post and share. Blog can enrich website content, increase traffic and attract potential customers.

Social Media

Social media plugin allows others like or share your website to social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Social media marketing is also an effective way to promote your website and products.

Credit System

By using credits, store owner can run marketing campaigns or else. 

Product Management

Store Ower/Admin: 

- Add,edit,publish,unpubish,delete products

- Import&export products from excel file

- Set public and member price levels

- Set quantity discounts

- Set categories and product attributes

- Set featured products


- Corresponding member price levels


- Display products by all, category, featured, new, revelant

- Filter and Search

Order and Shipping managerment

- Order history.

- Payment history

- Shipping, Shipper, Invoice address

- Shipping methods and freight charge


- Admin can add,edit,approve,publish,unpublish,delete blogs

- RSS feed

- Filter and search

- Share to Facebook, Twitter, Email

Membership System

- Admin defines types of memberships

- Different price levels

- Access levels

- Membership fee

Credit System

- Members receive credits on registration,login,purchasing,etc.

- Configurable rate between money and credits


- Multiple themes/templates switchable

- Template customization with affordable price

Social Media

- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Email


- Paypal, credit cards via Paypal


- Newsletter subscription

- Localization

- Admin group permission

Standard Configuration:

- Ready-to-use website, managable by admin login


- Pro membership. Discounted prices on dropshipping products

- 3GB space

- 100GB bandwidth

- 50 email accounts

- Technical support

Options (with additional cost) :

- Domain name registration. 

- Logo template customization

- Website template customization