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A Good Website Requires Balance

A Good Website Requires Balance

Balance can make people feel comfortable, it means not only symmetrical, but also asymmetrical. Creating balance in web design is like two people playing see-saw, the method can be varied. A professional website designer knows some basic rules, which will make your website visitors comfortable and stay longer, which means more possibility of purchasing your products. Designers are suppose to pay attention on balance of visual and functional. There are examples as below.

Aesthetic and practical. A well-designed website should be not only beautiful but also user friendly. A too fancy website will confuse the visitors. Navigation is a good way to arrange contents and separate different areas. There is a principle that the navigation bar should be in a darker color, and the shape should be simple.

Heavy colors and light colors. Colors have weight as well. Darker colors are heavier than lighter colors, bolder colors are heavier than softer colors. For example, red looks heavier than yellow, because it attracts more attention of your eye. In order to maintain balance, the heavy area should be smaller than the light area. Color balance is also related to collocation, there are some color scheme which can give people different feelings, dark colors can convey the emotion like serious or precise, light colors make people feel relaxed and clean.

Big and small. Size of the elements are important too. Large elements can be balanced with several smaller ones. You can present elements in different sizes in symmetrically or asymmetrically balanced design. Equally sized elements located regularly or content blocks in different sizes both achieve the balance, and make the visitors feel comfortable.

You can achieve the balance by choosing the right colors, shapes, object size and placement, try to do something different. On the basis of understanding some basic composition and color matching knowledge, web designers will use some imagination to make your websites unique.