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6 Things to Keep in Mind for an Online Store

6 Things to Keep in Mind for an Online Store

An eCommerce website is important to start online business, a well-designed website helps much on marketing and brand image. There are several things to keep in mind when build an online store.

Responsive browsing support. More people use smart phones or tablets to browse and shop online now, it is necessary that your website is friendly to different devices including PC, tablets and smart phones. If not your website is not visible perfectly with some devices and you will probably lose many visitors. 

Well-designed. The website should be viewed easy in all aspects, not only the appearance but also the layout, theme, speed and else. When visitors feel comfortable they will spend longer on the website, and that of course would mean more possibility to generate sales. Not only that, Search engines use load time as one of the factors for website ranking. 

Easy to operate. Many people shopping online are lack of patience, they want to find what they want and complete the purchase in a short time. Make the website to provide good experience to visitors. It should be as easy as possible for customers to buy products from your online store, and the purchasing process should be simple enough from checkout to payment. Put the shopping cart in a prominent position, it would be better to offer multiple payment options, such as credit card and PayPal, and make it easy to manage the shipping information. 

Make sure your website is secure for handling transactions. People will make payment only when they think the website is safe, security certificates(SSL) is a must for an eCommerce website. There is a mark in customer's browser when browsing a website with SSL, which makes customers feel comfortable.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you from pre-sale to after sale. Customer service helps you generate more sales and customer loyalty, when consumers have enquiries they would like to get the answers in time.

Don't miss the share to function, which allows visitors to share your website content to others. Although someone may not need your products at the moment, he may refer them to others, hence your website will receive more traffic and exposure.