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Why is Flat Design So Popular

Why is Flat Design So Popular

Since Apple starts to use flat design in IOS7, people hear the word flat design more and more. But why everyone wants to make flat design? Why is flat design so popular?

It's clean. Flat design is a simple style design which includes easy-to-read font, a lot of white space, clean colors, and easy-to-navigate features. By removing the stereo effects, it only performances the core characteristics of the object. Flat design places functionality over style, it meets the modern aesthetics and conveys the design principle of Less is More.

It speeds up the load time. Fast loading means better experience to visitors. Without shadows and three-dimensional effects, flat design focuses on displaying the design quickly to the visitor. You will not find blocks, heavy images, drop shadows in a flat design. It makes the environment simple. The website will have less clutter.

It remains clear on small screen. Some people say that the flat design makes Apple watch possible. The characteristic of minimal makes it easy to transform flat design into smaller screens. Designers like it very much for this reason.

It is user friendly. It is very important for a design to be functional and user friendly.  It is a common mistake that designers focus too much on designing to consider functionality. Visitors hate the confusing website which is difficult to use. A simple website allows visitors to focus more on the content and less on designing. Because of the enough white space in flat design, content presentation gets better.

Professional web designers have to keep a balance between creativity and simplicity, the thought of flat design helps them do great jobs. That is the reason why flat design is so popular these days. In fact, simple design will never be out of style.