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Several Elements of Good Web Design

Several Elements of Good Web Design

Good website design follows some regulations, some of them change by times, some of them are the basic rules which always apply.

Proper layout. Different layout suits for different type of website, just make sure the website layout can display your products or services in the best way, and makes your visitors comfortable. White space plays a role in website layout, it highlights the important contents and makes your visitors feel fresh. A certain amount of white space isn't a waste, it will make your website easier to use, your contents easier to be noticed.

Simple navigation. Navigation is one of the most important elements in a website, it determines whether your website is user friendly. It has to be conspicuous and simple. One of the functions of navigation is to tell visitors which location they are of the website. The usual practice is to highlight the current section in the navigation itself, or use breadcrumbs. No matter what kind of navigation your website use, the shape of it has to be simple, the word on it has to be short and easy to understand, which will help to avoid confusion and wrong operation.

Clean colors. Colors lay the overall tone of your website, they will affect the mood of visitors, and be a big part of your brand visual identity. Choosing the colors is not only about your website appearance, but also your brand image. Comparative and bright colors make the contents readable, this is the basic principle for the color selection, make sure there is enough contrast between the text and the background. The other important principle is to use colors to convey your brand meaning, and make your website meets the targeted customer's aesthetic. For example, the websites which sell toys usually use bright and lovely colors, and the luxury websites tend to choose elegant colors.

If you keep these in mind when you are designing your website, the website will be more professional and attractive.