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Keep Your Website Clean

Keep Your Website Clean

There is a principle in web design: Less is more, keep it clean. The less content, the more attention visitors will pay on the most important content. A website with a lot of pop-ups and crowded text looks tacky, your website need a simple design. 

When you are searching with Google, the clean website with just logo and search box will make you feel fresh. There is a principle in web design: Less is more, keep it clean. Pop-ups and crowded text are tacky, you need a simple-designed website.

Highlight the core content. Pull the superfluous content out of your website, leave more white space so the visitor can 'breath'. Be cautious for the content selection, make sure the most important contents stand out. The visitors usually pay more attention to the contents with some blank around them.

Use simple fonts. Appropriate font is an important part of professional web design, using complicated fonts or more than three fonts in one page not only makes your website look messy, but also affects reading. 

Remain the same color tone. Professional web designer knows how to match colors. Colors can convey information, influence people's emotion and create specific brand image. The color scheme of each page, such as how many colors and the proportion of each color, should remain the same, to ensure the visual unity of the website.

Reduce dynamic effects. Since human brain has some limits on its capacity for processing information, it usually deals with some of them first. Dynamic effects will attract people's attention, so they only applies to the most prominent content. Too many dynamic effects cause visual fatigue.

More bright colors. Bright color matching, like blue-white or green-white, makes a reliable impression. You don't have to be a color master, a professional web designer knows which is the best color to represents your brand, and makes your website look clean.

Consider flat style. 3D effects keep eyes busy and slow your website. Without additional style, like shadows and reflections, flat style only focus on color and shape, the summary makes the website clean.

All above are the essential elements of well-designed websites. Appears to be complex? Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert about matching colors or creating brand images. Our web design pros have great experiences, they will take care of everything for you.