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10 Essential Things for On-Page SEO

10 Essential Things for On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the ranking of a website or a web page on search engines. Websites appearing on the first page of search engines will receive more than 90% of search traffic, hence SEO is an effective way to get high quality web traffic. SEO mainly refers to Google optimization, as Google is the number one search engine with huge search traffic and Google has a fair ranking algorithm, others are not comparable. 

To be indexed at higher ranking on Google, first we need do on-page SEO, which is to make the website visible and friendly to search engine bots, search engines use them to index web pages. This is the first and easier step of SEO, there are some essential things for on-page SEO, and Google provides a full set of webmaster tools to check the performance of a website. Here is a checklist that you should have on hand when design and optimize your website,


Make a responsive website. More than 70% people use mobile phones to access internet nowadays, it is necessary that the website can be browsed and operated on different devices including cell phones, tablets and PC. Mobile usability is an important factor for SEO ranking, keep it in mind from the stage of website design, Google provides the tool to check website mobile usability, test it and make it a responsive website.

Improve web pages loading speed. No visitor would like to stay at a slow website, search engines either. It is a negative effect for SEO ranking. According to survey, most visitors will leave the website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Use Google’s page speed tool to check the website speed, after test a detailed test report will be provided, improve the website based on it. Image size, script performance, website coding, all these may cause the website slow. 

Implement SEO in coding. Make a website not only visible to human but also visible to search engine bots. Add title to web page title tag, and add keywords and website description to meta tag so that the website can be found easier. When an indexed website is triggered to expose by a keyword search, the website title and description will be displayed on search engine page, visitors will click it and enter to the website if they are interested. Unlike human, bots can’t see information on an image, hence it would be better to add an anchor text with the image to tell the bots what the image is about. 

Compose great contents. Content is king, high quality and unique content helps much on SEO and search engine ranking. Search engine bots are looking for content on the internet all the time. More good content means more indexed by search engines, and helps a website rank organically for relevant search keywords. Consistently publishing great content on social media platforms and major websites would gain quality back links. Good content encourages users to engage with the brand, they may like or share the content, make sure the website allows pushing content out through social media channels and sharing easy.

Build internal links. Link contents in different pages on the same domain. Internal links are useful not only for easier navigation but also for link equity. Link equity increases ranking power of the website. Use keywords as the anchor text of internal hyperlinks. 

Create sitemap and submit it to Google. After the website is built, remember to create a sitemap and submit it to Google through Google search console. A sitemap tells search engines about the website structure, which makes search engines index web pages faster. 

Install SSL certificate. One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases or transferring sensitive data on the e-commerce website. SSL certificates create a secure connection between the website and user browser. For websites with SSL installed, there is a lock icon at the beginning of the website URL in browser.

SEO is a continuous task, there are many things to do, on-page SEO is essential. It is what we can fully control, with the above foundation, the work afterwards will do more with less.